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East Fort

This cannon, together with others, have remained on site for over 200 years. The vista the battery overlooks is magnificent  and has remained the same since Vasco Da Gama traversed the scene en route to Mossel Bay, the first known European to round the Cape. It is of international significance being the vestigial remains of a number of fortifications of its time which sadly have been lost to the ravages of time and development.  The site is in grave danger.  However, the Hout Bay Heritage Trust has dedicated itself to preserve the site in spite of neglect and opposition  by those who are tasked to preserve it. Sadly, up to now, our Government agencies  have virtually ignored this valuable heritage asset and the great tourism potential it represents as an International Heritage Tourism destination.  

East Fort is the Trust’s flagship project. Many of Cape Town’s residents are aware of its presence  as they have driven  passed it on Chapman’s Peak Drive but relatively few know much about it, who built it and why. The fact is that it was built before South Africa or the Cape Colony existed and it is a truly International Heritage Site. Like West Fort, East Fort was originally built in 1782/3 by the French, for the Dutch, with soldiers of the French/Indian Pondicherry (mercenary)
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Regiment. The eight c.1750 guns are Swedish. In 1795 it was occupied by the British who extensively upgraded it.  Over the years it has progressively decayed, However the Trust has restored the guns and Hout Bay can now boast: the Oldest Working Battery of Original Guns in the WORLD.

The Restoration of the oldest working battery
 of original working guns
in the

East Fort Story Gallery
Lat 34°3’19.38”S   Long 18°21’48.44’E


A nation that turns its back on its history, the lessons and experiences of the past, good or bad,  undermines the foundations of its future.


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